How to build a hog trap

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Hog trap plans
Includes posting map with landowners needing hogs removed.  Also includes photos of trapped hogs and hog hunting tips.  How to build a hog trap and hog trap plans. Wild Animals

Remember it is a necessity to check your hog trap on a regular basis.  You do not want to starve a hog by leaving him in there. 

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Hog trap video how to.  Other  videos click here.
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Note:  If you have a wild pig repellent or deterrent that has been proven to work, let us know and we could work together to provide some relief for small acreage landowners.

Our goal at hogstoppers is to help landowners deal with their wild pig problems.  Send us an email to learn more.  We know we can't solve everyones wild hog problem, so we are providing any help we can with hog control.  If not through us then, through someone else.  There are millions of wild pigs in the United States and we aim to provide a service and forum dedicated to help facilitate their removal.  

Our pricing is set low to make effective hog control possible.  We do incur expenses from dog training, gas, food, equipment, website operations and more.  In order to provide a professional service, we must at least cover the cost of expenses.

If you have photos of hogs or hog damage and would like them to be displayed, please email them to us.
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